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Papa Katsu! 3

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Papa Katsu!
Alternative Name:
Daddy Drink! ~Tsundere Anguish Iki~ | パパ喝ッ! ~ツンデレ苦悩イキ~

A Namaiki daughter is driven in and abused, but she’s exhausted!
Disrespectful innocence
“gail fee・NUR” label’s gushing maidens appear with beautiful daddy girls!
A beautiful girl who earns pocket money diligently by inviting you with a branded uniform of a show card and talking nonsense!
A Namaiki virgin who is punished for having a friend who is usually a serious girl who works for such a daddy activity!
A new brand beautiful girl’s daddy active girl is gouged out with an uncle stick! A
Namiki virgin who was humiliated by a daddy stick will know the secret of her favorite sister!
Humiliated Giripapa and domestic dad activities are in progress!
By the side of such a thing, Namaiki daughter’s ○○ education is endless!
I’m going crazy in ○○ state, and I’m free to play as much as I want!
Even sister bowls are not enough, the aim is my best friend’s serious daughter!
However, astonishing Namaiki virgin with a body that gradually gets familiar with papa’s stick that rolls up and down!
Don’t miss the “dripping shyness” that reacts to hated opponents and suffers!
Please enjoy the “Maiden’s burst” that overflows even though you are frustrated by the sight of a close person drowning!
[DVD bonus]
– Comes with a “Real Ecstasy Ver” menu that allows you to select whether or not BGM is included in the DVD menu.

Papa Katsu!

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