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Mihitsu no Koi 2

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Mihitsu no Koi

Alternative Name:
Unavoidable Love, 未必の恋 ~カレシの彼女~

Yuinka ends up having a relationship with her best friend Risa’s boyfriend after an unexpected encounter. Even though she thinks it’s not a good idea, she sees Risa’s disheveled and drowning appearance and seeks the same stimulation and continues the relationship… A test with Risa.
While Risa is preparing tea, Yuinka straddles her boyfriend and buries her. She is an obscene beautiful girl who indulges and devours her boyfriend, which is the complete opposite of the disgust she feels towards men. Yuinka
feels more guilty than Risa. Indecent carnal desire…
In such a situation, Risa, her boyfriend, and Yuinka plan a hot spring trip…

Mihitsu no Koi

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