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Night Tail 2

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Night Tail

Alternative Name:
ナイトテール, Naitoteru

Night and Asahi, two close sisters, run a café together. They lead a peaceful and harmonious daily life with the help of Shiro, their assistant, and Kohei, a part-time worker. However, this is just a facade. During the quiet nights, while everyone is asleep, the sisters have another job. “I want you to sleep with me tonight” they say. Their night job involves exorcising dream demons that possess people. It’s called “Night Tail!” However, even during the night, they are young maidens. In their own dreams, they engage in slightly erotic activities! They lick the private parts of unfamiliar men or have their first experiences!? Such embarrassing dreams should remain unknown and must not be revealed! You want to know more about the details of their “night” job? Well, it’s obvious that a beautiful girl transforms into a sexy costume and battles dream demons in dreams—it’s a slightly naughty job, isn’t it!

Night Tail

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