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Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea 2

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Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea

Alternative Name:
Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea, 露出系魔法女子大生クリスティア, Exhibitionist Magical Female College Student Christia

A shy girl named Touki. She is in college and dreams of making friends and a boyfriend. However, this dream did not come true. Kokoha’s cheeky childhood friend brazenly interferes with Touka’s plans. She tells her that she is not just some kind of hooligan, but a real magical girl, like in shoujo manga. Kokoha cannot fully experience shame, and this is a very important source of strength for a sorceress. Touka must help her in “producing” this arcane energy so that her secrets will not be betrayed by a bully. A series of shameful masochistic and vulgar acts awaits our heroine…

Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea

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