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Haritsuke 2

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Alternative Name:
磔(ハリツケ), Haritsuke, 前編[clone人間]

In one school, debauchery among students has reached unprecedented heights, they have no scruples, principles and morals, are given carnal pleasures when they want, in General, they take everything from life, but here a new teacher, a woman with a luxurious figure, big tits, and not yet familiar with the world that was built inside the school by its inhabitants, is getting a job at the school. In addition, who inadvertently crossed the road of one of the students of this school, telling her off. Why is she, after learning about the appearance of a new teacher in the school, and even in the face of her new-found enemy, decides how to take revenge on her, namely, to attach a new member to the depraved merrymaking of the school, thus humiliating and impregnating with lust, debauchery and constant desire the entire mind of the intended victim.
The punishment will be long!


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