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Tooi Kimi ni Boku wa Todokanai 2

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Tooi Kimi ni Boku wa Todokanai

Alternative Name:
Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai; 遠い君に, 僕は届かない; I can’t reach you far away

Tooi Kimi ni Boku wa Todokanai is the story of the highly complex relationship between childhood friends Ryoki Shigen and Ayumu Matsudzono. From childhood they were inseparable, killing time together and saving each other together. Time passed and Ryouka grew into an incredibly sexy beauty, and Ayumu, as weak and helpless, remained so. Because of this, he often got into trouble, from which his girlfriend always rescued him. Once Ayumu got into a terrible situation – a group of villains grabbed him and decided to teach him a lesson. Ryouka tried her best to protect her weak childhood friend, but the forces were uneven. It was then that the brave karate fighter Yamato-san came to their aid, who saved our heroes with a couple of precise blows, which won Ryoki’s heart. However, it was just a game … In fact, Yamato prepared a real punishment for Ayumu – he decided to fuck Ryoku right in front of his eyes. Unsuspecting Ryouka gladly went to the love hotel with Yamato, and in the next room with translucent mirrors, his brave guys placed the unfortunate Ayumu-kun so that he would not miss a single moment during Ryoka’s first sex…

Tooi Kimi ni Boku wa Todokanai

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