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69: Itsuwari no Bishou 2

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69: Itsuwari no Bishou

Alternative Name:
69~偽りの微笑~ ~婚喝欲求~(仮)

She is a girl with excellent grades, a modest personality, a deep-seated personality, and a lovely smile. Midori Aoi, a hard-working smiling woman who makes a desperate effort to produce the story. Her plans to make up for her mistake are foiled, and she tries to take revenge with a grudge, but fails, and ends up being torn apart and poured on.
Nurse’s Room.
A woman with a lovely green smile who faints from the growing excitement of watching Maho, her fiancée and ○○, fuck her repeatedly, and in order to escape her blunder, she is made to swear that she will fall at the mercy of her sensei. Confused
by such a situation, Maho is questioned, and Izumi makes him suck and fuck her as per his request, but
Maho, who keeps their relationship ambiguous as usual once they leave the room, is surprised by his different attitude than before. Izumi’s body was pushed back and forth over and over again, and the beautiful girl who continues to be a daddy knows what’s going on and gives an accurate opinion.She who knows Izumi’s true nature has a secret…


69: Itsuwari no Bishou

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