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Shunka Shuutou 1

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Shunka Shuutou

Alternative Name:
旬花蒐陶 ~生ダレ鬱メッセ~

Miharu Aragaki is a beautiful girl, an honor student, a friendly person, and the ideal lover.
Confession events occur almost every day, and she keeps refusing every time.Behind the scenes, she has many worries such as annoying chats and secret filming. I was still suffering from constant annoying chats. Don’t get serious even though you were just teasing me… Miharu was known to spit poison with a big sigh that you wouldn’t expect from her usual smile.
She has a bad nature, but she can’t do anything by herself, so she turns to the school counselor, Shiki Sasahara. Miharu, who happened to be the one whose true nature was discovered, is…what should she do?
Miharu reluctantly consults her with his arrogant attitude, but in front of her, the teacher stick insists that it is a transaction. Miharu had no choice but to comfort him, but… she received a message that caused her even more trouble.

Shunka Shuutou

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