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Tsundero 1

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Tsundero Series

Alternative Name:
Tsundero Series, OVA ツンデロシリーズ #1

Ahegao meister Hiromitsu Takeda’s legendary work “Tsundero” is fully animated!
Yuka Yoshii, a school idol who is good looking, has excellent grades, and is versatile in sports, is a perverted schoolgirl who repeats her perverted desires and fantasies.
Takashi, who follows her like that, is also the owner of a tremendous match!
Yuka comes across a scene with Takashi Stalker and starts sucking his cock as he kneels on the ground and apologizes!
What feelings did the two of them have at the end of the intense sex between the nymphomaniac virgin and the transcendental man…?
The sex of two people will not end until the sweet girlfriend is dere!

Tsundero Series

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