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Succubus Appli Gakuen Saimin 1

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Succubus Appli Gakuen Saimin

Alternative Name:
Succubus Appli: Gakuen Sai* / Succubus Appli Gakuen Saimin / サキュバスアプリ ~学園催○~

The protagonist of the story, a guy named Yuma Oda, receives an application on his smartphone called “hypnosis”. Of course, he does not believe in miracles and tries the application on his fellow students… Yuma does not believe his eyes, the application really worked! Later, the hero learns that he has become one of the testers of the application from the succubus “Aryume Rina”. Yuma chooses an extravagant classmate Fujimiya, who is famous for her cocky character, as his main goal. He decides to make her his personal sex slave…

Succubus Appli Gakuen Saimin

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