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Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni… 4

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Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni…

Alternative Name:
そしてわたしはセンセイに…… ~ナマイキ姉妹躾け丼~

It’s been a long time,
Sensei.My older sister, Nao, was enjoying being shut up in the shadow of her doted sister, but when she heard her sister’s obscene gasping outside the door, the destination was Giripapa…
The person I studied with for a moment, and even though we hit it off as mutual supporters, it quickly disappeared… I
‘m disappointed in you. From now on, I won’t let her sister touch my hands
In fact, the Namaiki Gal girl
has released her appearance again…

Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni…

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