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Sleepless Nocturne The Animation 2

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Sleepless Nocturne The Animation

Alternative Name:
SLEEPLESS Nocturne The Animation 下巻

Kawai Tomoki and Komori Yukino have recently started dating. Once during a trip, they punctured a tire on a car and they had to turn to the nearest house for help. It turned out to be the Black Rose Mansion. Mistress Mari was incredibly seductive and hospitable, so Tomoki and Yukino decided to stay with her for a short time. Three more girls live in the mansion besides Mari – this is the maid Aira, the daughter Maria and the maid Takamizawa Rui. Tomoki and Yukino do not yet suspect that they have become participants in a depraved feast that is about to begin…

Sleepless Nocturne The Animation

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