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School Trip For Me: I’m the only guy!!

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School Trip For Me: I'm the only guy!!

[Alternative Names]

Oretoku Shuugakuryokou ~Otoko wa Jyosou shita Ore dake !!, School Trip For Me: I’m the only guy!!,
俺 得 修学旅行 ~ 男 は 女装 し た 俺 だ け !! 第 1 話 【モ ー シ ョ ン コ ミ ッ ク 版】


The protagonist of the story, an ordinary Japanese boy named Yuta, who, due to the whim of his sister, is forced to dress up as a girl and go to a private women’s academy. You see, his twin sister Sayaka Igou was sick most of the time and missed almost all of her studies. However, she really wants a common photo with her class and therefore forcibly sent Yuta to her academy. Sayaka’s best friend, Shinohara-chan, will help him in this difficult conspiracy matter. From now on, Utah’s amazing slutty adventures begin!

School Trip For Me: I’m the only guy!!

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