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Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu. 1

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Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu.

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Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu. | Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu ni Chikubi wo Mederaremashita., Morikuma | 森のくまさん、冬眠中。| The bear in the forest is hibernating.

Nowa the bear lives in the forest and adopts a puppy named Airi. Before going into hibernation, Now was worried that Airi wouldn’t wean. A few months after starting his hibernation, Nowa wakes up with a pleasant sensation from Airi, now an adult dog, licking his nipple saying, “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu

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