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Mahou Touki Lilustear 2

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Mahou Touki Lilustear

Alternative Name:
Magical Fighting Princess Lilstea, 魔法闘姫リルスティア

Sumire Hiyama has been captured by the evil organization Hamelder.
Her clothes are taken away by her enemy’s schemes, but she runs around naked, her fighting spirit still in her eyes.
“I’m going to destroy a base like this…!”
Meanwhile, Rin, who feels responsible for Sumire’s kidnapping, consults the spirit Mi, a collaborator of the Magic Fighter Princess.
She must be at the enemy’s base, and she needs to find out the location from the enemy.
Rin, also known as Lilstea, chases after Hameldar and the others, but her opponents are more numerous than she imagined.
Lilstea is surrounded by a large number of combatants and is held down without much choice.
Many evil hands are approaching her big breasts and plump thighs!
Combatants that appear endlessly no matter how many times you defeat them.
A large amount of cloudy semen is released all over the Magic Princess’s body and into her vagina.
Her big breasts and plump thighs are filled with energy!
Magical Fighting Princess Lilstea, it’s time for a counterattack

Mahou Touki Lilustear

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