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Kyonyuu Purinsesu Saimin 2

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Kyonyuu Purinsesu Saimin

Alternative Names:
Kyonyuu Purinsesu Saimin, Kyonyuu Princess Saimin, 巨乳プリンセス催眠

Between the thrones, the second princess, Safina and the second queen, Tamanna, leaked annoying sighs and licked the mysterious man’s pace.
Farasha, the first princess and princess knight, screams at him and points his sword at the man.
However, Farasha even showed his man’s throat open ass to the man on the throne, saying, “Ahead, don’t speak rudely to the king …”
Yes, what the mysterious man Phalan has acquired is the hypnotic ability to control the body and spirit of others.
With its powerful abilities, the kingdom of Krush is falling …

Kyonyuu Purinsesu Saimin

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