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Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi 4

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Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi

Alternative Names:
Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochisuru Choroin na Wakenai Desu wa!,

White silver Konzern with tremendous power.
Irina who is the girl and the heir.
As a successor, she pursued perfection in everything, and reigned at the school as a chairman, an absolute being that everyone longs for.
On the other hand, there was… even during the execution of admitted Yuji Sado another idea with no female pig masochist service to as a counterpart to which itself obedience
to Yomoya of blunder of accompany Celestine as Butler and bodyguard of the Irina like, bondage hung blame Yuji trained in the punishment.
Irina-sama swearing and blaming herself for her appearance.
The discipline that continues non-stop is to remove Yuji as a master one day…

Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi

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