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Haramaseya The Animation 2

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Haramaseya The Animation

Alternative Name:
Pregnancy Officer, 孕ませ屋 EP02

Our man Terada found himself in a real tight spot. They hit him up, asking if he wanted to be a sperm donor. But here’s the twist – they wanted him to do the old-fashioned way. So our man demands a condition, he will accepts it but only through some straight-up bedroom action, no boring solo sessions. At first, he thought they’d straight up diss his demand. But, yo, to his surprise, they were all down for it. Turns out, Akito’s little swimmers were on a whole different level. So once they signed the contract, Sudo, his employee handed Akito his very first mission – to bust a nut into a damn container. Feeling a little betrayed, Akito asked her for some help in getting his engine revved up. Later Akito bumped into this fine-ass housewife, who had that whole tsundere vibe going on. She was hot and cold, all mixed up. But, in the end, she couldn’t resist asking for another round with Akito.

Haramaseya The Animation

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