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Dragon Knight: Wheel of Time 2

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Dragon Knight: Wheel of Time

Alternative Name:
Dragon Knight 4, Dragon-Knight 4-ever, 용기사 4, ドラゴンナイト4, 드래곤 나이트4

Takeru, rotting away in Lucefon’s prison for over twenty years now after the defeat of the rebel army which he was a part of, is visited by an old ally, Marlena. She sends him back twenty years into the past to help change the future by convincing the Marlena of twenty years ago to completely ally herself against Lucifon. Back in the past, Takeru, twenty years older, takes on the name Etoh and leads the rebel army and fights the same battle he fought in as a child hoping that this time around, he change the outcome.

Dragon Knight: Wheel of Time

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