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Tsuma wo Dousoukai ni Ikasetara 1 Preview

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Tsuma wo Dousoukai ni Ikasetara

Alternative Name:
妻を同窓会にいかせたら 第1話 再会と刺激…, If I Send My Wife to a Class Reunion Episode 1: Reunion and Inspiration…

Yuri gives her husband a loving kiss to erase his worries and heads off to the class reunion.
Among the classmates she reunited with after several years was her ex-boyfriend Tatsuhiko.
During her school days, Tatsuhiko was a goofball, unlike Yuri, who was an honor student type.
Even now, while drinking alcohol from her container, Yuri casually tries to touch her body.
Now that she has a loving husband, she won’t let him touch her casually, but she worries about Tatsuhiko, who is drinking without thinking about the consequences.
Tatsuhiko continues to drink without listening to Yuri’s advice, and ends up feeling sick.
Yuri can’t leave Tatsuhiko alone when his girlfriend becomes unwell, so he lends his shoulder to Tatsuhiko and accompanies her to the bathroom.
However, as soon as they arrive at the bathroom, Tatsuhiko locks the door and begins to grope Yuri’s breasts.
Tatsuhiko was pretending to be depressed and hoping for a chance to be alone with Yuri.


Tsuma wo Dousoukai ni Ikasetara

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