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Shin Reyon Densetsu: Shikkoku no Majin

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Shin Reyon Densetsu Shikkoku no Majin

Alternative Name:
Shin Reyon Densetsu: Shikkoku no Majin, Legend of Reyon: The God of Darkness, 新リヨン伝説 漆黒の魔神

As an ancient rivalry brews in a land of magic and mystery, we find the clan Brastica, led by the evil Queen Flair and her loyal warrior Desleen, trying to destroy the peaceful city of Crossland, the capital of planet Reyon. Count Desleen, after years of being thwarted by the Baron Jeek of Barenheim, creates a devious plot to trap and exact revenge upon the Baron. Under the guise of hosting the largest tournament ever seen, Desleen plans to gather together all the legendary warriors from all the far away lands and destroy them. But as with all plans, there are always wildcards. Like the mysterious female warrior Nerise, who has been hunting Jeek for many years. Will she help Jeek or kill him? Will Desleen’s servants from Hell drain her of all her strength and kill Jeek in the tournament? Can Jeek beat Desleen and his clan warriors and save the Crossland from their evil plans?

Shin Reyon Densetsu Shikkoku no Majin

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