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Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin 2

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Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin

Alternative Name:
OVA 巨乳女士官・○○○○ #2, OVA Big breasted female officer ○○○○ #2

Use the ○○ device to reveal the secret from the female officer…!
Aaron succeeds in interviewing Captain Maria and getting the details of [reducing the number of people].
Angered by the fact that he was also targeted, he begins a counterattack against Maria, who is in a state of ○○ and unconscious.
Break her heart by making her cum inside her even though she doesn’t like it!
Furthermore, Lisa and Zenia, who were used as pawns in ○○, also join in, and the blame towards Maria becomes even more extreme…!
The girls, whose bodies and minds are controlled by ○○, fall into pleasure as they seek for themselves…!


Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin

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