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Katei Kyoushi x Saimin 2 The Animation Ep. 2 Preview

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Katei Kyoushi x Saimin 2 The Animation

Alternative Name:
Private Tutor, 家庭教師X○○2 The Animation 後編 ~絶対従順、高飛車姉妹をドスケベ淫乱に○○操作~

Revenge on the Shinjo sisters…
Mato, who has the ○○ device in his hands, traps his “childhood friends and evil sisters.”
Hina puts the choker handed to her by Serina around her neck without realizing it is a ○○ device.
When her ○○ device is activated, it utters words that are the exact opposite of her intentions, and
at the same time her body reacts like a puppet.
Masato commands her to enjoy the way it changes and manipulates it at will.
When Serina appears there, the button on her ○○ device is pressed and Serina gives in in an instant.
Hina and Serina, who opened a new door, came to know the pleasure of falling into ○○’s body.


Katei Kyoushi x Saimin 2 The Animation

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