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Doukyo Suru Neneki 2

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Doukyo Suru Neneki

Alternative Name:
同居する粘液 第2話 混ざり合う日常

Yuuji usually goes home alone on the train after working at a convenience store, but this time it’s different.
This is because the slime lifeform she lives with has transformed into her colleague Takamiya and is at her place of work.
Yuuji is relieved to have finished his work without encountering Takamiya himself, but the slime life form happily talks to him while still transforming into Takamiya.
Because of this, she gets in trouble with the girl standing next to her.
She makes fun of Yuuji and angers her slimy life form, but Yuuji apologizes and calms down the situation.
Yuuji, who is calming down in her girlfriend’s bathroom, is a slimy creature who can’t control his anger, and he transforms into the girl she was earlier in order to correct Yuuji’s outspoken personality.
Her transformed appearance was in a competitive swimsuit, as she belonged to the swimming club.
Despite Yuuji’s surprise, her slimy life form split and transformed into Takamiya in a competitive swimsuit.
It becomes difficult for Yuuji to suppress his sexual desire as he sees the two of them in competitive swimsuits.

Doukyo Suru Neneki

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